Why Train with Us?

Why should you choose us to conduct your training?

Because Our Company is a recognized training center for Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI), you can expect us to be able to consistently and reliably deliver what we promise.

Our instructors are certified from various organizations such as the National Safety Council (USA), ECSI, Creighton University EMS Instructorship and have lectured in a variety of college and university settings.

Our trainers include relevant professionals with years of experience in the emergency health services.We have managed true emergencies in the field which allow us to answer relevant questions with ease and accuracy.

Our excellent performance record lends credibility to our ability to deliver as promised. Our training programs offer the correct mixture of classroom and real-world relevant hands-on practical scenarios that allow participants to practice their knowledge and skills with direct supervision.

We can provide a more in-depth approach to workplace illnesses and injuries (i.e. diabetes, trauma, burns, etc.) should that be a requirement of each company or participant.

Our management is already familiar with the issues that we will face. Our Company’s management will draw on 50+ years of experience to be able to quickly make the right trade-offs decisions to ensure a successful project.